Drugstore Cowboy Enlists Mitchell Ferguson for “Dramatic”

While Mr. Carter Davis and Grant Thompson have been making music together for the last several years, it wasn’t until 2020 that they launched their latest project Drugstore Cowboy. Based in Dallas, Texas, the multi-talented duo have been non-stop, churning out genre-bending tunes and slowly but surely building an engaged fanbase.

Not being bound by any genre, Drugstore Cowboy fuse Pop, Americana, Folk, Rock, Country and Hip Hop, creating clean and memorable tunes that appeal to the masses. Having only recently come onto my radar, I have quickly found myself coming back to their tunes in my playlist and patiently waiting to hear more. Their most recent tune, “Dramatic“, enlists the help of Mitchell Ferguson to create a Country-Pop bop that has just the right amount of twang, cloaked in a clean and dynamic production that features bending guitars, slapping drums and chilled out guitar rhythms.

Serving as the second single from Drugstore Cowboy‘s forthcoming collaboration album, “Maverick“, their latest release is the perfect intro to their sound if you have not yet been introduced. Do yourself a favor and check this out.


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