Matluck Releases Unforgettable Pop Anthem “Fuck Your Friends”

Paired with a down to earth visual, pop artist Matlauck released his new upbeat anthem entitled “Fuck Your Friends”. Now available on all streaming platforms, “Fuck Your Friends” is a song that many will be able to relate to. Dedicated to those friends who don’t know when to keep their opinions to themselves, his new track takes a lighthearted spin on a subject that has crafty ways of pushing your buttons. Embodying a ‘mind your own business’ mentality, he communicates his feelings in a grounded, authentic way that proves refreshing to listeners who can relate. Combined with electronic elements and soft drum patterns, Matlaucks soaring vocal delivery combines a juxtaposing vibe of seriousness and comedy – the track is a wavvy vibe and we can’t wait to see what Matlauck has in store in 2022.


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