Chicago Pop Artist Stewart Arp Tugs at the Heartstrings in “Hazel”

Chicago’s hottest new pop artist, Stewart Arp, thrives with his heart-on-sleeve storytelling, pulling listeners in from the very start. His new single “Hazel” is perhaps one of his most captivating hits yet, as we explore the turbulence of a past relationship and mistakes that he wishes were never made. Paired with a down to earth visual that takes viewers through various scenes that animate the struggles he and his ex-partner went through, we see a more vulnerable side of Arp as compared to his lead vocals with popular rock band ZORILA.

With lyrics like “I’m so sorry for what I’ve done, incapable of becoming the one. But I’ll never forget those hazel eyes” – we swoon over his authenticity and the imagery from his honest and authentic lyrics.

When he’s not making music, Arp is often playing with his adorable geckos on TikTok. Follow Stewart Arp on TikTok HERE for all of the updates.


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